Statement on digital accessibility

This accessibility statement applies to the website of the Beschaffungsamt des BMI published at portal.ozg-vermittlungsdienst.de.

As a public body within the meaning of Directive (EU) 2016/2102, we endeavour to make our web application accessible in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Disability Equality Act (Bestimmungen des Behindertengleichstellungsgesetzes des Bundes / BGG) and the Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (Barrierefreien-Informationstechnik-Verordnung / BITV 2.0) for the implementation of Directive (EU) 2016/2102.

Status of compatibility with the requirements

The accessibility requirements are set out in sections 3 (1) to (4) and 4 of BITV 2.0, which was issued on the basis of section 12d BGG. The review of accessibility is currently being planned. The result will be published here in due course.

Date of preparation or last update of the declaration

This declaration was created on 01.10.2023 and updated on 25.03.2024.

Report a barrier

Should you encounter barriers on our site, please send an e-mail to support-oeffentlichevergabe@bdr.de with a description of where you noticed the error.

Conciliation procedure

The Federal Government Commissioner for Matters relating to Persons with Disabilities (Bundesregierung für die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen) has an arbitration board in accordance with § 16 BGG. The arbitration board has the task of resolving conflicts between people with disabilities and federal public bodies. You can contact the arbitration board if you are not satisfied with the answers you receive from the afore-mentioned contact option. The aim is not to find winners or losers. Rather, the aim is to find a solution to a problem together and out of court with the help of the arbitration board.

The conciliation procedure is free of charge. You do not need legal assistance.

All the information about the conciliation procedure can be found on the conciliation body's website. There you can read how the conciliation procedure works and how to apply for conciliation.

You can reach the conciliation body at the following address:

Schlichtungsstelle nach dem Behindertengleichstellungsgesetz bei dem Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für die Belange von Menschen mit Behinderungen

Mauerstraße 53

10117 Berlin

Telefon: 030 18 527-2805

Fax: 030 18 527-2901

E-Mail: info@schlichtungsstelle-bgg.de

Internet: www.schlichtungsstelle-bgg.de